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Product Process
Insulation Board Process
Fiber vertical impregnation machine
Phenolic level impregnation machine
Resin reactor
Hot kerosene processor
1500 tons and 500 tons hot press

01、resin reaction synthesis

The phenolic resin is produced by reacting high purity phenol and trioxane.

02、catalyst fusion

The reaction-completed resin is blended in proportion to the catalyst formulated by the company.


The company's special resin formulation is reacted and hot-coated.



05、high-tonnage hot press press

In combination with the thermal kerosene processor, the substrate is in the highest performance state in minutes and seconds, and it can be uniformly heated every square when pressed.

06、complete the insulation sheet process


07、quality inspection

Bakelite substrate

High whiteness impregnated paper, high quality pure kraft paper, pure white cloth and imported cotton paper are used as substrates. Semi-finished raw materials are produced through impregnated resin equipment.

Fiber substrate

A fiber cloth is used as a substrate. Semi-finished raw materials are produced through impregnated resin equipment.
Insulating sheet automatic return system

Automatic return system

Work procedures for surface leveling and thickness accuracy in accordance with customer requirements for thickness tolerances.
Computer automatic cutting machine
Computer cutting machine
Cutting machine

Cutting machine

Introduce all kinds of advanced automation equipment and professional technology to cut the dimensional specifications required by customers for high hardness, fragile, low hardness and high insulation sheet according to customer needs.


Various processing machines

Customized to meet the needs of customer OEM to finished products.
  • Acid and alkali barrel, washing machine, etching machine, assembly welding, production order, original modification and maintenance
  • PP barrel for electroplating, chemical diaphragm, gasket, mechanical guide, guide, star wheel
  • Screws, rollers, gears, Palin, valve seats, various Teflon parts (EX.PTFE balls, gaskets, O-rings, screws)
  • Milling machines, lathes, hobbing, laser, engraving, planer, grinding, cutting, all kinds of rubber, welding

Professional production technology manufacturing, valet service cutting and processing to finished products, providing international major manufacturers of insulating plastic agents.
Introducing advanced equipment, leading technology, continuous innovation, providing one-stop service, cost advantage manufacturers!

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