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Paper bakelite Round bar

Paper bakelite
Phenolic resin / insulating paper 

product manual:
1. Plate:
       Cold punching→light orange/black (only 3t or less)
       Hot punching→bright orange/black-general/black-antistatic
  Board surface:
       Glossy→orange/black; matte→black (with antistatic)

※ Film problem (black bakelite): The matte surface itself has a film, and the glossy surface can also be attached.
2. Round bar: bright orange
2. Pipe: Bright orange (please ask) 

★ Features and uses:
1.3T↓ Bakelite:
  ☆ cold punch (light orange): the toughness is better than the hot, the price is relatively expensive than the hot.
            Uses: general punching (striping), laser processing.
  ☆ hot punch (bright orange / black): more brittle, less tough than cold.
           Uses: motor, CNC, do gaskets.
2.3T↑ Bakelite:
  ☆ Hot punch (bright orange/black): Intermediate electrical insulation is excellent in mechanical and mechanical properties.
             Uses: manufacturing electrical switches, heavy motor control parts, etc. 
Hot bakelite
Phenolic Resin
Phenolic resin / insulating paper 

product manual:
1. Plate: Orange / Black
★Features: Paper bakelite is the most common laminate, and the most widely used and industrially used laminate in the world.
Excellent electrical, mechanical and processing properties. Can be used for sawing, planing, milling, car, grinding, drilling and other different processing methods.
It has good insulation performance and can be applied to various insulation, switches, molds, circuit boards, etc. It is an economical and popular insulation material.

Competitive Price:
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Sales Method: Export, Manufacture, OEM/ODM, Service
Payment Term: T/T

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