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National Insulation Material Co., Ltd.
For more than 40 years, National Insulation Material CO., LTD. is the most professional manufacturer of insulating materials in Taiwan and has a strong competitive team in the bakelite industry. Specializing in the production of insulating materials, leading technology, cost-effective manufacturers; service-oriented, customer's greatest overall interests as a priority, but also ecologically sustainable enterprises.

Providing integrated services for engineering plastics and insulation materials, combining materials, design and processing to meet the needs of electronics, motors, medical and engineering, providing customer solutions and products and pursuing environmentally sustainable operation.

Non-absorbent, non-conductive, high-temperature resistant, impact-resistant, anti-static, high-strength and other characteristics of quality first belief, won a lot of customer satisfaction, praise, in the insulation industry is one of the well-known manufacturers!
Specialized engineering plastics:
 PP, PE, UPE, Acrylic 
Asbestos, mica, synthetic stone
Fiber board (FR4), paper. Cloth bakelite
Teflon, Teflon + Graphite, PVDF, PFA ** can be processed to the finished product**
Excellent rubber (PU), silicone rubber, rubber, all kinds of rubber molding

MC nylon, MCR2, MCR

PA6, PA66, N66+GF
SP-1, PBI, Torlon, Rulon
Antistatic material (Please contact us for details)

 Can be processed on behalf of customers to the finished product  

Vision and Core Values

Technology leader: Provide customized integrated services for engineering plastics and insulating materials.
Manufacturing leader: engineering plastic processing, satisfying the professional fields of electronics, electrical machinery, machinery, medical treatment, fixtures and engineering insulation materials, providing customer solutions and products and pursuing environmental protection and sustainable operation.
Service-Oriented: The most reputable, service-oriented, and provider with the greatest overall benefit to customers.
Customer trust: tell the truth; we don't make promises to customers easily, once we promise, we will go all out regardless of the cost.
Adhere to the original intention: Sincerity as one: the most basic and most important concept, try our best to protect the rights and interests of all stakeholders.
Innovation: is the source of our growth. What we pursue is comprehensive, covering innovations in strategy, marketing, management, technology, manufacturing, standards, etc.
National Insulation Material Co., Ltd. is committed to providing integrated insulation materials professional services and processing to meet the needs of electronics, motors, machinery, medical, fixtures and engineering insulation materials, and to serve customers with integrity
Working together with elites from all walks of life to provide customer solutions and products and pursue environmentally sustainable operation and adhere to the lowest cost and highest efficiency.


Introduce 2 large-scale German DMG five-axis turning and milling compound processing machines, 2 vertical computer lathes and 1 vertical computer grinding machine.


Our company develop various plastic materials, such as: PETP, PP, PC, PVC, PP fog panel, anti-static PU, anti-static PEEK and other materials for leveling and cutting, precision size processing.


To improve work efficiency, add new CNC computer processing engraving machine. (N.C3116/TC model)


The 40th anniversary of the establishment of the new director and the completion of the handover.


Complete domestic business foreign trade integration


Additional horizontal impregnation machine and vertical impregnation machine, hot-solid press, grinder, and additional automated production line.


The 30th anniversary of the establishment of the International Electric Board Enterprise


Purchased several CNC lathes, gantry milling machines, engraving machines, and improved engineering plastics and bakelite processing capabilities.


Actively promoted the engineering and plastics of nylon, POM, PP, PE, etc., and became the main supplier of engineering plastics in Taiwan.


Completed the expansion of the factory and the establishment of 100 million yuan of manufacturing equipment in Gongsi Industrial Zone.


Additional production equipment for polyester film, electronic grade epoxy resin and plastic processing machinery.


The scale of the plastics production plant of the standard is sufficient to supply domestic and foreign markets.


Adding production equipment such as printed circuit boards, fiberglass boards, and microfibers, and false twisting machine equipment.


Completed the registration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1984-Yin


Established "International Electric Plank Enterprise Co., Ltd." by Mr. Lai Minghe to produce electric wood products.

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National Insulation Material Co., Ltd.
  No.79, Dinghu 2nd St., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City 33378, Taiwan
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National Insulation Material Co., Ltd.

    No.79, Dinghu 2nd St., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City 33378, Taiwan
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