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Brand Story
LOGO Story
The founder, Mr. Lai, likes outdoorsman. Looking up at the sky, he accidentally saw a figure in the sky, drifting effortlessly in the forest, soaring in the forest and the sky. For the first time, I met the Taiwanese bird of prey Black Eagle with the longest wingspan. The king of the sky is soaring in a heroic manner. After the wings are stretched, it is about 180CM, and the weight is only 1~1.6 kg. The aircraft can be a slow-flying reconnaissance plane or a high-speed dive fighter, without relying on thermals to hover, and Black Eagle's signature big wave display flight is a must.
The signboard of Black Eagle's big wave flight has become the shape of the international bakelite LOGO. The design of the tail end of the wingspan is inspired by the fork of the forest carving. The color of the LOGO is displayed in enthusiastic bright red. In addition to the resonance, the overall LOGO presents a round earth, the earth is the mother of all things, and all things grow. We should conform to nature, pay attention to the ecology of the earth, and maintain a harmonious global village of all things.
Taiwan, known as "Formosa" by the Portuguese, has nurtured us with magnificent mountains and valleys to bays with a variety of styles. Following the concept of Mr. Lai Minghe, the founder of Bakelite International, and with Environment (environmental protection), Social (social) Responsibility) and Governance (Corporate Governance) to learn how to coexist, coexist and swim with nature. International Bakelite operates in a sustainable manner, not forgetting the attitude of protecting the environment and "coexisting in the future" with nature.
In 1997, the founder of Mr. Lai Minghe started from the bakelite. In the same year, he deeply cultivated Taiwan and set up the world to establish "International Electric Plank Enterprise Co., Ltd." to produce Electric wood and fiberboard products。

Marketing worldwide is the uncompromising quality and innovation of the international electric board. From the beginning to the end, after 40 years of hard work and struggle, we always take the customer's greatest overall interests as the priority, and also consider the ecologically sustainable enterprise.