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5G multi-application opportunity, international bakelite prospects are promising

Views: 0     Author: Wang Bao reporter reports on both sides of the Taiwan Strait     Publish Time: 2020-03-02      Origin: 中時集團 專題報導


5GMultiple Application Opportunities International BakeliteProspects are promising

The global smart phone market, driven by the wave of phone replacement,Bakelite board products have a wide range of applications, and the industrial chain includes the electrical industry, electronics industry, and mold and fixture industry. Compared with glass fiber board products, the application range is wider.International BakeliteThe product has high insulation and antistatic properties, benefiting from the upgrade of smartphone specifications and the wave of Industry 4.0,It is expected to push up the demand growth of Bakelite

PCBAntistatic insulating material Hope for 5G business opportunities

US-China trade war2020116The first phase of the agreement was successfully signed, Then Wuhan pneumonia emerged!Virus outbreak hits Chinese economy hard, China has closed cities one after another at the expense of economic development to rescue the epidemic,The general environment is still full of high uncertaintyHowever, we look forward to the advent of the 5G generation, and new technologies and products can inject fresh water into the market.professional insulationInternational bakeliteenterprisefasterContinuously introduce foreign engineering plastic agents, the second generation continues to inherit professional technology and continue to innovate and subvert the tradition,Localize Taiwan operations40for many yearsInternational bakelite, specializing in the manufacture of bakelite and fiber. In addition to the main business, there are more one-stop services from valet processing to finished products.!


Crisis into opportunity?Wuhan pneumonia severely hit China's production capacity, Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs estimates that the return of Taiwanese businessmen will increase!!

Taiwanese businessmen continue to return,2019year has broken through7With an investment of 100 billion yuan, the Ministry of Economic Affairs estimates that more Taiwanese businessmen may return to Taiwan! 2019years before Taiwan returned to the United States10Big trading partner, the US-Taiwan trade volume has increased significantly12.5%, exports to the U.S. soared17%, the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Taiwanese businessman return plan is not only affected by Wuhan pneumonia, but also major companies invest in Taiwan, starting from the US-China trade war!

'Crisis'opportunity' often coexist, and the change of the general environment is also a challenge for various industries to reshuffle.The international bakelite board that usually likes to climb mountainsLai DongDuring the interview, it was mentioned that the companyThe ups and downs of business operations are like 'climbing a mountain' and 'descending a mountain'. I think that even if the trade war and the Wuhan virushit the economy hard, all of theseIt is the nutrient needed for business growth, How to overcome the challenges one by one, Test the industry's professional technology and continuous innovation to subvert the tradition!

In order to promote the innovation and development of antistatic insulating materials andMinistry of Economic Affairs Taiwan Businessmen Return Program,International Bakelite EnterpriseSpecialized in research and production of insulating materials.Products include bakelite,fiberglass board, engineering plastics, asbestos board and other insulating material processing productsWe will continue to deepen market development in the field of PCB and anti-static insulating materials, strengthen product competition, and increase product diversification. It is expected that driven by the application of new technologies such as 5G, AI, and consumer electronics, the medium and long-term operations will grow steadily.International Bakelite EnterpriseProspects are promising!!


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