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Zhongshi Group news interview report

  • International bakelite advanced deployment of zero carbon countdown
    The international bakelite plan is ahead of the deployment of zero carbon countdown. The world's first wave of carbon tariffs will hit the road in 2023. Taiwan will join the global carbon trading game. In response to carbon reduction, there is no delay. Taiwan's carbon pricing policy has finally made progress. 75% of multinational companies that will release a draft amendment to the law in the near future are considering stopping cooperation with suppliers that cannot cooperate with the company’s carbon reduction transformation before 2025. Businesses implement sustainable behavior. Plastic is a part of the petrochemical industry and an indispensable basic material for modern life. Bakelite can produce 150 tons per month in Taiwan. 'Bakelite' is phenolic resin. (PF) is a polymer resin adhesive Mixture Bakelite is known as (the father of plastic bakelite) in 1906 invented a cheap non-flammable general-purpose plastic, namely Bakelite, which marks the modern   Read More>
  • 5G multi-application opportunity, international bakelite prospects are promising
    5G multi-application opportunity, international bakelite prospects are promising Driven by the global smart phone market and the wave of phone replacement, bakelite products are widely used. The industrial chain includes the electrical industry, electronics industry and mold and fixture industry. Compared with glass fiber board products, the application range of international bakelite products is extensive. Its high insulation and antistatic properties, benefiting from the upgrading of smartphone specifications and the wave of Industry 4.0, are expected to boost the demand for bakelite boards.PCB Antistatic Insulation Material Factory hopes for 5G business opportunities. The Sino-US trade war successfully signed the first phase agreement on January 16, 2020, and then Wuhan pneumonia emerged!The outbreak of the virus hit the Chinese economy hard, and China has successively closed down cities to rescue the epidemic at the expense of economic development. The overall environment is still full of high uncertainty.However, we look forward to the advent of the 5G generation, and new technologies and products can inject fresh water into the market.Professional insulating materials international bakelite companies are accelerating the introduction of foreign engineering plastic agents, and the second generation continues to inherit the profession   Read More>

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