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What is Bakelite?

  • What is Bakelite? What is it used for?
    Frequently Asked Questions: ㄧ, what is bakelite? What is it used for? Also known as bakelite, phenolic laminated cardboard.The bakelite board is made of kraft paper or cotton cloth impregnated with phenolic resin to form semi-finished films one by one, and then pressed into a large finished product.So there is a distinction between paper and cloth bakelite.Because of its insulating properties, bakelite boards are mainly used as insulating materials, such as general fixtures, lamp gaskets, switch gaskets, etc... Bakelite boards are insulating, do not generate static electricity, are wear-resistant and resistant Features such as high temperature, it can be used in insulation switches and variable resistors of electronic products, molds for machinery and fixtures on production lines, and can be used in transformer oil and other products.Bakelite is a man-made synthetic chemical substance. Once it is heated and formed, it solidifies and cannot be molded into other things. Because of its characteristics such as non-absorbent, non-conductive, high-temperature resistance, and high strength, it is widely used in electrical products. good electrical insulation   Read More>

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