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What is fiberglass?

  • What is the difference between FR4 board, glass fiber board and epoxy board?
    1. Different uses.The main raw materials for the production of circuit boards are alkali-free glass cloth, fiber paper, and epoxy resin.Fiberglass board: base material glass fiber cloth, epoxy board: binder is epoxy resin, FR4: base material cotton fiber paper.All three are fiberglass panels.2. Different colors.Usually the epoxy board on the market is phenolic epoxy, yellow.It is not used as the base material of rigid circuit boards, and for electrical insulation purposes.FR4 is a NEMA standard pure epoxy sheet, and the normal color is dark green, which is the color of epoxy.There are also yellow ones. Generally speaking, yellow FR4 is called yellow material, and white (green) is called white material.FR4 is more expensive than epoxy board, and the price of glass fiber board cannot be confirmed.3. Different in nature.Fiberglass board has the characteristics of sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection, flame retardant and so on.FR-4 is also known as glass fiber board; glass fiber board; FR4 reinforcement board; FR-4 epoxy resin board; flame retardant insulation board; epoxy board, FR4 light board.epoxy glass cloth   Read More>

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