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Affordable insulation material bakelite

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Bakelite and Customized Bakelite

Bakelite boards are also called glue boards and phenolic plastic boards.Bakelite is the first laminated board put into industrial production among plastics. The chemical name of Bakelite is phenolic plastic. Once it is heated and formed, it will solidify and cannot be molded into other things. Because of its non-absorbent, non-conductive, high-temperature resistance, and strength High-grade features, coupled with being widely used in electrical products, has good electrical insulation and moisture resistance, and is often used in switchboards and electrical mechanical parts, hence the name.Bakelite has the characteristics of insulation, no static electricity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance, and has become an electronic motor component. It is widely used, from fluorescent lamp caps, plugs, sockets, switches, radio parts in our daily life...

The common bakelite boards are nothing more than plate-shaped or rod-shaped. In International Bakelite Enterprise Co., Ltd., in addition to the general form of bakelite, it also provides customer-customized bakelite services.You can customize the size to help you cut to the desired shape and size, and you can also complete the processing with materials according to the customer's drawing order, bringing customers the most comprehensive service.

The leader of Bakelite-International Bakelite Enterprise Co., Ltd.

International Bakelite Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1977. It is the most professional manufacturer of bakelite and glass fiber board in Taiwan. It specializes in the research and production of insulating materials. It is service-oriented, giving priority to the greatest overall interests of customers, and also taking into account ecological sustainability. enterprise.The services provided by International Bakelite are: integrated services of engineering plastics and insulating materials (including ESD antistatic materials), one-stop valet processing, combined with bakelite processing, bakelite materials, and bakelite design to meet the requirements of electronics, electrical machinery, and medical treatment. And engineering... and other needs, and also regard good product quality as the first belief, and has been well received by customers and the industry. It is one of the well-known insulating material manufacturers.

Starting from Bakelite, the entrepreneurial spirit of supporting nature

The founder of International Bakelite, accidentally saw a forest sculpture with a large wingspan, light weight, and a little wind, floating into the sky. His big wave flight was deeply shocked. Since then, he has been eager to integrate into nature, and hopes to introduce the appearance he knows to others. the next generation.The original wisdom of life is found in the mutual promotion and co-promotion relationship of enterprise development vs. environment and ecology, and the tail of the forest carving is designed as the company's LOGO. It also uses the word 'international' to name the company with the vision of deeply cultivating Taiwan and looking at the world.Following the philosophy of the founder of International Bakelite, learning to coexist and coexist with nature with ESG (environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance), International Bakelite operates sustainably, and does not forget to protect the environment and live a symbiotic future with nature.

As a global citizen, the company's LOGO core value shows the deep cultivation of both environmental protection and industry. This is the original intention of the founder of International Bakelite. It develops products and at the same time protects the environment with the concept of ESG sustainable development, making Taiwan The natural environment can be sustainable, and together with the public consumption behavior, it reflects the positive energy of sustainability. I hope that the public can observe the brand spirit of international bakelite companies to practice ESG, and then express their support for international bakelite companies and practice brand value through consumption behavior. , and also to give back to this land, each of you, me, and others is the key, customers, supply chains, channels, consumers' sustainable awareness... and other driving forces, please join us to promote a sustainable future.

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