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What type of PVC board?

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What is PVC board?

The main component of PVC board is pvc, but the chemical name is polyvinyl chloride, which belongs to a kind of wooden board, which is a common kind of decorative materials.
PVC board accounts for the largest proportion in the building materials industry, accounting for 60%, followed by the packaging industry, and several other industries with small-scale applications.According to the degree of softness and hardness, it can be divided into soft PVC and hard PVC.According to the production process, it can be divided into PVC crust foam board and PVC free foam board.According to transparent and opaque can be divided into PVC transparent board and PVC board
What are the main characteristics of PVC board?
1. Its density is relatively high and can withstand the collision of heavy objects;
2. With anti-static function
3. Excellent impact resistance and corrosion resistance, not easy to deform;

4. The surface is very beautiful and smooth

What type of PVC board?

1. PVC soft board
The surface of PVC soft board (rolled material) is glossy and soft.There are brown, green, white, gray and other colors to choose from. This product is made of high-quality materials, finely crafted, and widely used.Maximum width: 1300mm Specifications: width 1300mm, weight 50kg/bundle Performance characteristics: soft and cold-resistant, wear-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, tear-resistant, and has excellent weldability
2. PVC plastic board
The product is a superior thermoforming plastic that can replace some stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant synthetic materials.It is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, electroplating, water purification treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment, mining, medicine, electronics, communication and decoration industries.

3. Anti-static PVC board
Anti-static PVC board (anti-static polyvinyl chloride board), flame retardant grade is ul-94:v-0.Color: transparent, smoke, milky white, gray, etc.Application: equipment cover, dust-free box, test fixture, etc.
4. Transparent PVC board
The product is a high-strength, high-transparency plastic sheet produced by high-grade imported raw and auxiliary materials.

Application function PVC sheet?

1. PVC sheet is mainly used for various equipment guards, house interior decoration, and pvc sheet transparent board is produced with high-grade raw materials as auxiliary materials.There are pvc transparent boards in various colors such as white, brown, and royal blue.This kind of pvc board is mainly used in interior decoration, instrument liquid level display and equipment guard board and other parts
2. PVC sheets are divided into soft and hard, and the surface of soft PVC sheets is soft.At the same time with a variety of colors.High-quality raw materials need to be used, and the production is fine.It is used for decoration on some means of transportation, such as trains and automobiles. It can also be used as an insulating underlayment and is also the preferred raw material for vehicle interiors. It is also a very good auxiliary material.Can also be used for insulating underlayment.

3. The pvc board is also a high-quality plastic board, and its function can also replace some stainless steel and some synthetic materials with corrosion resistance.PVC sheet materials are widely used in chemical processing equipment and environmental protection equipment

PVC board

PVC board

PVC board has strong chemical resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, and is suitable for anti-corrosion equipment in the chemical industry.

PVC board cutting,Welding and bending are extremely simple, no special tools or techniques are required, and it is easy to process and shape.

PVC board is a corrosion-resistant material, which is cheap and fine, and the processing cost is low.

PVC board
Poly Vinyi Chloride


PVC board

Product Description:

1. Plate: transparent/grey/ivory/white/beige
§Other: transparent yellow/black/blue/APET (transparent board);
CPVC (HTPVC); antistatic PVC; hard shell foam board→please inquire
2. Round rod: gray
3. Tube material: transparent/dark gray

PVC board

★Features:Combustion-supporting, good chemical stability, bendable, weldable, good toughness, it is the most widely used engineering plastic.

★Use:Guide rails, guide wheels, mechanical bearings.

PVC RodPVC Round Rod

Polyvinyl chloride characteristics: combustion-supporting, good chemical stability, bendable, weldable, good toughness, it is the most widely used engineering plastic
PVC round rod PVC rod is the most commercial engineering plastic, PVC is a kind of flame retardant, good chemical stability material, supply PVC round rod, PVC board; the color is dark gray

PVC (Polyvinylchloride), the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride, is the most commercially used engineering plastic. It is a flame-retardant and chemically stable material.Able to supply PVC round rods and PVC flat panels for one-stop processing on behalf of customers, PVC customized service


PVC board

PVC board size

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